Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green Tea Glutinous Balls

I am a big fan of Asian desserts and I can give up my piece of cake for anything made of coconut, sago and peanuts. The last time I went back to Malaysia, I overstuffed myself with everything that was available at the open air market, from the chewy glutinous rice flour cakes filled with peanuts to steamed layered rainbow coconut Malay 'kuih'. Mango pudding and sweet yam and taro coconut sweet soup ('Bubur Cha Cha') are more of an elegant kind which are normally served after a meal at the restaurants and no matter how full I am from the main dishes before them, I always have room for these type of delicacies!

However, as these Asian desserts are normally steamed, deep fried or boiled and served with fresh coconut flesh and milk, they must be eaten within hours from the time they are made or else the ingredients will spoil and the textures will become tough and dry.

Rice, Glutinous Rice, Green pea and cornstarch are normally the flour used to form the dough of any outer layer of the Kuih-kuih while the fillings are either toasted coconut cooked with the palm sugar ('Gula Melaka'), roasted and ground peanut with sugar, red bean & green bean paste or local fruits such as mashed banana, mango, jackfruit and the tuber family of vegetables like yam, taro and sweet pumpkin.

All the ingredients needed can easily be located here, except for the freshly grated coconut flesh which gives the best touch to any steamed dessert and without it, the dessert itself is simply plain and uninteresting. The frozen ones tend to be dry and has an icy taste to it. Instead I opted for the dried dessicated unsweetened coconut, which I prefer toasted beforehand.

I took this green tea idea from the Japanese mochi and although my first attempt was not easy and the sizes were not very uniform, I tried to roll the cooked glutinous rice dough as thin as possible before the filling and it was good according to my taste master, Missy E. I couldn't resist of trying 2 fillings as I had red bean paste and crushed peanuts on hand. Other than the rolling part, the filling and enclosing of the balls part were not as difficult as I thought. And I believe continuous practice is required to achieve the thin outer layer and perhaps the quest for a better stretchable dough as not to put me off in making this dessert again.



Agnes said...

Jie Jie Jie~ looks like Mochi to me... Pretty colour~~ :DD I think the green tea goes well with the red bean filling. Hmm~

Btw Jie I missed Webcam with ManZhai. I wanna see how he throw out the clothes from the laundry basket and occupies himself in there!!! :D I miss him!

Anonymous said...

HI! You seem to like green tea alot eh? I noticed that you've been making all your desserts with green tea! :)LOL

Lily Anette said...

Yes... undeniably! What is there not to love about it? Color and health wise... it makes the most beautiful things after strawberries!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i am into mochis/daifukus too!just did some strawberry ones n will do mango n kiwi monday :) love ur pics btw.

Anonymous said...

i am salivating over the redbean lookalike mochi :D i love redbean :)