Monday, May 26, 2008

For Once Monday is a good day!

Old habits die hard. Or should I say Never dies!

Perhaps I am more moody than alot of people and when I don't like something, I mean it seriously. Monday is totally not my day and I dare proclaim it 'Don't call me day' to all my friends and sometimes, family members.

Since today is a public holiday, I want to be fair and say that this Monday is not bad afterall. I guess it is more to do with my state of the mind that Curry is around to pick up after the kids while I can lie on the couch with my fading colored toe nails and feet up in the midday and blog away while stuffing both ears with headphones swaying with Fergie and her 'Big Girls Don't Cry'! And also quenching my thirst with a bottle of Corona.... now how relaxing is that?

It takes other peoples' comments to make me realize that I have turned into a Domesticated cat and prefer to purr and curl up in my comfort zone than straying outside my boundaries. On a holiday like this, other people will either be at some place enjoying the sunshine or visiting somewhere interesting. But me.... the one who spent her own Mother's Day half day in bed and dreaming away would rather do the same thing all over again. Perhaps this is what they call self-content or probably lacking in life and death by complacency. At times, I fear for not having enough fun with my life and thus spoiling all funs too for my kids and Curry and yet I am reluctant to be more adventurous with our plans. A day at the pool is my kind of fun but not camping out in the woods, so I can already forsee that my kids will not venture any further than where I am unless I make the effort too!

We will see if another good Monday will come again and maybe, try out things more rugged and natural than my soft comfy fiber sofa! Till then, I am enjoying my beer and the rest of my 'relaxing' Monday.

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