Sunday, May 4, 2008

Durian Almond Cookies

Give me a durian anytime and I am so blessed!

The days of strolling at night markets for lorries of Durian vendors only remained as memories for me now as this fruit hasn't and probably will never gain so much love and cravings as in Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia in my current neck of the woods. When I reminisce on durian, the creamy yellow flesh just makes my mouth water. The smell is secondary and if there are people who loves blue cheese despite its strong smell, I would like to give durian the compliment of being nasty in smell and heavenly in taste too.

This week's inspiration came from another old friend, MM and she was so excited when describing her love for Durian that I wanted to make something out of it that comes in another form besides all thorny and spiky! Initially I was trying to make Macaron out of the meringue durian paste and it kind of flat out instead of rise in the oven. Perhaps the French don't love Malaysians or vice versa?? However, the cookies turned out crisp outside and soft inside and I blamed it on my non-delicate hands for the uneven piping of the circles.
You never know what you learn along the way and I can say so about my baking so far. Today I learnt the 'Art of Salvation' and saved my cookies from ultimate doom and made it see Light again!!! Only the shape was missing but not the taste and so I continue with the filling instead without remorse for my lack of attention in producing a Macaron. And I am proud to present the Malaysian Durian Almond Cookie, resulted from mistake and yet delectable in its own way.

I used frozen durian for both the cookies and buttercream filling. Thank goodness the durian flesh was all ready to go and be used without having me resort to a cleaver and dissecting the flesh from the seed as I am sure it will never make it into these cookies as I will eat them there and then! After being deprived of this so called 'King of the Fruits" for almost 2 years now, the first bite into these cookies together with the creaminess of the buttercream just created a big grin on my face. For MM, this cookie is you... simple and nice. You get everything in one bite.


Francis F said...

Jeanette.... when can we rasa??? looks so nice.. and duriany.... I bet it tastes much better than it looks....

Anonymous said...

hmmm... someone beat me to comment on the yummy cookie durian... the cookie is simple yet creamy to give a sense of satisfaction. i am sure it taste heavenly. as what your friend said, i would love to haev a piece of the cookie whenever you are back in town :)

cheers, MM