Saturday, May 10, 2008

A day of Reflection

Mother's Day is this weekend. Despite all the usual naggings, complaints and sometimes exhaustion from all this motherhood thing, I feel fortunate to have healthy kids and I am still able to juggle everything around their top priority needs. At times, I would just want to stop everything and be lazy and yet I feel a sense of guilt creeping into my head and heart, knowing that I have wasted precious times and days with them if I didn't do anything beneficial for them in a day.

Becoming a mother is indeed the biggest change in the life of a woman. From the moment when the pregnancy test kit turned purple to the time when they were born and grow up to adults, we mothers never get a rest day... mentally or emotionally and sometimes physical strength is also contributed when kids of our own start their own family and we had to share the diaper changing and bottle feeding all over again!

Mothers come in all kinds, some are happy go lucky, some are rigid with their kids' upbringing, some are still looking for other mommies to guide them on how to raise their kids, some are liberal, some are old fashioned but one thing is common.... we all have the motherly touch of compassion for the kids efforts of learning and forgiveness for all their wrongdoings around the house. Missy E may turn me nuts at times with her non stop mumbling and talking but at times, she makes me laugh so silly that I forget my mommy's principles. Prince D managed to get hold of the marker pen and scribbled on the sofa cover and after a scolding from me, his days go on without any effect. To sum it up, I label kids as the joy and trouble to all mommies.

The current news of the cyclone effect on Burma hits my nerve and I felt so sorry for the people there who are in desperate need of help and yet their ruling government prefers to upkeep their pride and prejudicing against their own people. Sights of children and mothers holding out their hands for food and the screaming and crying of survivors for those who were lost is a very sad moment. Those who survived only goes through fear now of either dying slowly of hunger or disease outbreak and for a mother to see her children to go through this is more painful than death itself. I am not a very religious person but I am praying that these people will get the help without further delay.

For Mother's Day, I ask only for the simple things in life, good company, good food and a little peace and quiet moment of my own to reflect and become a better mom. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.

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