Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strawberry & Green Tea Mousse Cake

Mousse on Mousse! Cakes of this type is very rare to come by in the suburb areas and buttercream is still the preferred choice for every occasions. The lightness of its texture gives an airy and smooth bite. Every time I have a piece of any mousse cake, I can comfort myself that eggs are at least more healthier than butter and the calories will not weigh in that much as long as I don't over indulge.

Cake shops in Asia, specifically in Japan and Hong Kong have multiple choices and colors of mousse cakes. The abundance of tropical fruits like mangoes and papaya and specialty ingredients from sesame seeds to green tea powder creates doors of opportunity for various designs on the beautiful layers of mousse and sponge cake. These cakes are dainty cakes, going through different processes of creation and layering from the base of sponge cake or even cookie crumbs together with the whipping and molding the mousse onto the cake itself can take so much time and I understand why these cakes can be pricey.

For this cake, I made a pistachio green tea Genoise base. Genoise is a form of sponge cake but it is more sturdy than the normal sponge cake but not as heavy as a butter cake, just right to hold onto more than 3 layers of mousse. And it doesn't smell as eggy as the usual sponge base suggested in cake books and one thing good about it, butter is not present.

The strawberry mousse was easy to work with but the green tea mousse required a bit of planning on the making process... using the bain marie/waterbath method and finally incorporating the whipped cream and sesame seeds into it was like practising my gentle side of folding. The need to mold it immediately onto the sponge cake itself swayed my confidence a bit as it was like pouring foam onto the solid base. This was my 1st attempt and I had no idea on whether it was the right way. The sesame seeds kind of disappeared to somewhere as they don't appear much when the cake was cut!

In the end, I ended up with 5 layers, not all conforming to the same size. I made this cake in memory of my dad as his birthday is today. And also for my grandma who will turn 83 next Tuesday, although I am sure she already enjoyed the one made by my cousin in Malaysia during their potluck dinner tonight of which I am only left with a YouTube video of the occasion. Families are like layers in the mousse cake, everyone supports everyone and when they can come together, they create the prettiest picture!!


Anonymous said...

Wah very impressive. Looks so good that my mouth is watering. You should think about writing a cookbook!


Anonymous said...

Ha, I have the privilege to actually taste it myself. It was great!

Anonymous said...

Love the cake wish you can include the recipe.