Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sesame Bread

Amongst the baking category, I enjoy making bread the most. Simply because its dough is the most easiest to handle and no matter how rough I am and how warm my hands are, it never disappoints. The kneading, pushing and turning may require muscles but to see the dough developing to elasticity texture and forming all the strands that bind all the flour and ingredients together makes me really appreciate my daily bread. It is a real product of grease elbow effort and the satisfaction of seeing the risen baked bread with its crusty top with the good aroma it releases is beyond words!

The idea of incorporating the colors came from my new sushi book. Sometimes I can be that adventurous and take things out of context. Some might think I am nuts and I do admit I can be a pistachio with shocking green but never a Peanut, the ordinary!!

At first, I planned to have a flower pattern with the colors and since I haven't located anyone as nutty as me to do such thing, I thought I might be a pioneer of something. Every corner and nook of my kitchen was ransacked in order to find the gadget that will help me become the next Van Gogh or Cezanne of the bread world. Indeed, my compulsive buying of baking utensils 6 years ago did landed me a flower bread mold! Call it karma or deja vu.... this mold was never used and has been hiding in the huge popcorn tin that I recycled from my X'mas of 2002 and must have been waiting for this day to come!!! And what if I fail? I consulted my ever idea loaded Missy E and she suggested we stick a flower sticker to the bread!! And I funnily added that she might be able to paint a flower also and she was all ready to do it. Sometimes innocence can be so cute.

As a gratitude to all her ideas, Missy E chose red, yellow and blue. The bread dough was stubborn in accepting any other colors besides its already clean and yellowish dough and my palms were smudged more than it was! The flower mold was perhaps not meant for my variations and so I ended up twisting the color doughs and as long as they are wrapped inside the main dough and creates a surprise effect at its first cut, I don't care for my sought after Artistic Impression pedigree anymore! Infact the anticipation of an unknown pattern was much more exciting and I was restless throughout the 45 minutes of baking time. A glass of gin & tonic kept my thoughts sane for a while.

The combination of black and white sesame seeds created Yin & Yang for the bread, a pretty addition with subtle flavor and simple colors. The first cut was inaugurated and Missy E grabbed the first slice and ran away. Thankfully she was chewing away and humming.."Hmmmm... good" from the living room. The texture of the bread was like country bread, chewy and rough and the addition of milk made the crust more crusty than usual bread with its mellow brown. One slice was hearty enough and more better toasted and slathered with butter & jam. Oh well, the outlook of bread itself is just as pleasing as any decorated art.

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