Saturday, April 19, 2008

Revenge of the Average Sizes!

Anorexia will never be an issue in this household as we love food too much to give up on it for fame and beauty. I am thankful that everytime food is served on the dinner table at home or outside, both Missy E and Prince D never fail to remark "Hmmmmm" before digging in.

The recent news of France's government trying to pass a bill in their Parliament to curtail the fashion world from emphasizing the use of skinny models, parading in their skeletal bones with barely an extra inch of flesh to hold an extra piece of cloth is a welcome to many, especially myself who has never seen the days of sizes below 10 in my own closet! How can anyone see bones like that as beautiful?

Call me insensitive for I do believe that anorexia is a self-inflicted harm by the sufferer who is just besotted with the idea of wanting to feel accepted in a wrongly represented society. There are human beings who have to eat dirt to survive and yet these people rejects food in the name of beauty. And when the situation gets worse, they claim it that this is a disease and as if it grew in them like they have no control of. Even a baby can already associate hunger and the need for milk or food, how can a person blame that this situation started on its own without any fault of their own?

Everyone needs to eat and wants to eat, and with multitudes of kinds of food, everyone can surely find their favorite ones. Moderation intake and exercise is the key to a good healthy looking body and not wispy flesh with protruding bones in designer clothings. I admire people who has a slim physique but I don't despise mine at all. Human beings eat to live and for foodies like me, we Live to eat too. Whatever sizes we are in, we should appreciate ourselves and not live by other people's standards.

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