Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old friends New Friends

It was a hot day today and we had Missy E's friend over for a playdate. While they play dress up and chit chat in their girlie ways, the mommies too had their time of talk and laugh despite their little boys fussing around. Having friends over is always a look forward thing for me and although our playgroup is not a big one, it is still the best time when we mommies don't moan over the long hours of the day and get a bit of real conversation going on. And also have some goodies to go with our cup of tea!
Being an expatriate means starting all over again in terms of looking for friendship and new interests. For the past 7 years that I have lived in the States, good friends are hard to come by and not being a very social butterfly myself, finding one that shares similar ideas and reminds me of my old friends means finding a pot of gold. As we giggled over my wedding pictures and shared our stories of in laws, it felt so good to be able to open up and talk like old times and yet with a new friend.

Thanks to Facebook, I have recently reconnected with old friends from childhood, elementary to high schools and from my previous university. All of us have changed so much and it really takes us time to realise that all fond memories never fade and we can keep reminiscing old times and talking about present lives simultaneously. Sometimes old friends can reveal something that we never realise ourselves and remind us on how our lives and paths may have developed and differed from our initial plans in school. Some are married, some with marriage issues, some are still single, some have many kids and yet some are still trying, and yet all of us are linked to each other with some sort of good memories and hoping to share more through the mighty power of the internet regardless on whichever corner of the earth we ended up.
Looking at Missy E and Prince D forming up their own friendships with their little friends is a happy sight. Their energy, dreams and innocence all revealed before my eyes brings a hope of good beginnings and nurturing. I strongly believe a good foundation in friendship can shape part of a child's character and to start it at the right path is a parent's responsibility. I am thankful that my old friends still remember me and able to continue to share news of each other. And to my new friends who are equally fun to hang around with, I look forward to share and learn their life experiences too!

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Agnes said...

Jie where have you been already?!! I start missing talking with you already lah... Gotta love those cupcakes... and the polka dots plate :D