Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's a Weird weird World

The recent news of a man being pregnant leaves me scratching my head. Has human really evolved that much since Darwin first propounded the theory of evolution? To men, this story puts a smirk on their faces, I have Curry as proof. Perhaps a sense of satisfaction that men can finally overtake women in the exclusive right of childbearing and this makes women not that superior anymore in the chain of life cycle of a homosapien! On the other hand, I as a micro of all the female clan thinks this is an aghast phenomenon and prefer men with their beer belly than a pregnant one.

The truth was revealed that the so called pregnant man was previously a female who retained her reproduction organ and got rid of the breasts and grew a moustache instead. Call her/him a weirdo and that is an understatement.... if one is so determined to get rid of one's gender and to become another, wouldn't the genitalia parts be the first ones to go or to be reconstructed in some way as not to bear the original form anymore or abstain the use of it for the original purpose that it was made for? Gay people are related to the fact that they prefer companions of their own gender but this case... is it the evolution of all heterosexuals at its most complex and to be able to retain both the female genitalia and reproduction organs while going about as a male with hairy chest and non-curvature features is really a creation of men. Perhaps the medical world has not started growing penises out of DNAs or the art of cloning, hence no attaching of one to the present 'man' 's anatomy but who can say in future there won't be another Dr. Frankenstein?

Personally, I think this is a case of convenience where one can be both man and woman and retaining the option to carry a child in the belly when situation calls for it whereas the sight of a man going into labor is just impossible to the eyes and thoughts of conservative people like myself. Or perhaps this really enhanced the Bible's Adam and Eve concept that woman is part and made from man and infact both are one and in this 21st century, that theological concept has been put to the test. The man said that he will still be the father and his wife is the mother to this child and my question is who gets the Maternity Leave?

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crazymommy said...

If you see the "man" on the news today? U will find it even weirder after you see the footage video where he showed off his naked pregnant top! And do u know that he looked quite pretty as a girl?