Monday, April 14, 2008

English Rose with Thorns

The divorce saga between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills was the dominant headline of most of the UK tabloids since the news broke. The Beatlemania never died with John Lennon, infact the remaining 3 members had made their respective and individual marks in the music world thereafter and Paul McCartney seems to enjoy more media attention, from his empathetic support for his first wife, Linda who suffered and died of breast cancer to his Knighthood appointment by the Queen of England. His marriage to Heather Mills was nothing less of a fairy tale and the media frenzy then was no less than the divorce this time .

First I expected the divorce was to be discreet, as with all British who mainly hold stoic faces and will only speak when spoken to and are the types that do not reveal and rather not wash their dirty linens in public. I remember riding my daily underground train from my flat to law school and vice versa, I hardly hear any noise of talking nor chatting amongst my fellow passengers as they rather hold up their Jeffrey Archer or Jane Austen paperbacks and Times newspaper to their faces and let the world wander away.

When the media started to publish all the accusations of domestic and substance abuse between the couple, I thought it will be another episode of frenzy media speculations with claimed secret and close sources of news while the spouses letting their lawyers deal with all the hullabaloo of the tabloid circus. The fact that Heather Mills took on a ferocious defence for herself whether on TV or in the court really proved that not all blondes are dumb!

In my view, the media has been biased towards her ex husband partly due to the fact that he is more of an icon to the British people, but also a proven dedicated husband to his first wife till her last breath and it was simply inconceivable to them that he would abuse Heather Mills.

I dare to differ from the British on this as I support Heather Mills. What drives a headstrong woman like her to the brink of losing her cool and fighting tears on shrieking voice on national TV in defending herself so ferociously? There must be some form of truth in her side of the story. For an amputee who championed for her charity to help others like herself, she must have some substance of compassion and dignity to support her claim. Her decision to represent herself before the courts of law in the divorce process clearly shown her determination to clear her name of a gold digger fashionista and only she herself could have explain the truth of the collapse of her marriage. Fortunately, there was no more details revealed as a settlement was eventually agreed upon and the media must be devastated for lack of the opportunity to further report on the matter. I had only 1 sentence for Heather Mills... 'you go Girl'.

Her recent appearance as one of the judges at the Miss America Pageant had the media in America talking again in terms of her eyeball rolling to the booing from the audience when she was introduced by the host of the show. Was it really that big deal on how she reacted? If Simon Cowell had survived American Idol for so long despite his hostilities and eye popping remarks towards the contestants, I don't see why Heather Mills cannot get her chance to prove her good qualities too in this part of the world. Again, this English rose ought not to be taken lightly and while she is no demure Princess Diana, she fights for herself without the help of the media. I truly admire her.

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