Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheese Mousse Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I am very timid when using chocolate and cheese in baking. Possibly because of the mess of melted chocolate and the certain temperature that needs to be observed when melting it and the extra baking method of waterbath for cheesecake makes me weary about the whole process. However, these 2 are the favorite flavors of most people and I made this cake for Dine, an old friend of mine who simply love both. Inspirations come from everywhere and I believe mine should come from the people I know and the best way to sell a cake is to make one that they like!

Chocolate is something that I eat from the bar and anything fancier than that, I will have it as a second option after everything else. Not that I don't like it but I feel overwhelmed after eating a brownie, chocolate cake or choco mousse as if it takes up my entire palate and the guilty conscious kicks in there and then!

Nevertheless, cheese is my thing and I can never resist any type, including my kids' slices of cheese that goes with their sandwiches. So a cheesecake was something that I would want to make for my Bake Galore and when Dine said she wanted something chocolatey and cheesy, this cake resulted.

Raspberry is synonymous with chocolate and I had to include a handful of this berries in the layers that make up the cake and also a spoonful of raspberry jelly on top to make the first bite sweeter. The cheese mousse was light and the chocolate cake was decadent. Combined together they make the perfect marriage of light and heavy, subtle and substantial at the same time. The presence of the fruit is teasing to the eyes and tastebuds, with a little amount of juice squirting out in every bite, hence making the taste one to savor long after the whole cake is gone.

Raspberry has a very nice dark red and appears to be more appropriate in this cake than the strawberry, which is more playful and young in color and adorn a summer yellow cake perfectly. One look and you already know that this is a serious and yet pretty cake, to be eaten properly from a plate with a fork and napkin and accompanied by a cup of coffee, it is like enjoying a cool and wet spring day in a warm cozy cafe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend. This dessert really represents ME. I wish I could have a real taste of it. Hopefully someday when we meet again :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. Cook book quality if I may say so ;) Wish I can have a bite of this cake. (Mei)