Sunday, April 20, 2008

Banana & Coconut Custard Pandan Tart

Today's pastry really represents the taste of my hometown, Malaysia. I grew up with the Pandanus leaves, plentiful and simply worthless at times but over here, I only have access to its paste, bottled in a small container which may look poisonously green to some! It is the aroma that it lets out that faints my senses and evoke the longing of everything sweet back in Malaysia where almost all its desserts have the sweet smell of this beautiful green leaf. Add to it toasted coconut and banana, I feel like I am eating Rum on plate with fork.

As mashed banana and toasted coconut were added into the making of the custard, it was impossible to get a smooth surface as with all other custard laden tarts. However, the appearance of the custard goes well with the green Pandan flavored tart cases and slices of banana, giving it a sense of tropical feeling, where coconut trees ruffles within the green landscape accentuated with the short banana trees growing wild all over.

The making of the Pate Sucre pastry was not as simple as I thought and lack of attention to the steps taken in rolling and letting it rest and sit can easily produce a dough that is difficult to roll out from the beginning and resulting in a soggy tart case. As with all baking, one really needs to make it from scratch to understand the temperature and texture of this pastry and little can be understood from reading the recipe and instructions. Luckily this one turned out alright!

This creation is dedicated to my cousin in Malaysia who wanted to see something banana in my bake Galore this week. Only mild tea goes with this pastry as coffee will surely overtake the sweet smell of the pandan and there will be no fun if every smell and taste of this tart is overtaken by others.


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I love the crust.... <3

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It looks delicious :D