Friday, April 4, 2008

Bacon & Carrot Puffs

When it is raining all day long on a Friday and no sun to greet my day, the weekend mood comes early. And weekend means baking time for me or perhaps an excuse for me to savor the taste of butter baked goodies one day early so as to kick off my Saturday and Sunday in a good note!

The remaining 1.5 lb block of puff paste dough from last week has been sitting on the second shelf of the refrigerator, and had been shoved around the compartment many times while all the other perishables slowly made their exits to the wok and dinner table. But there was something else suffering the same neglect in the cold cold corner of the second shelf... a pack of smoked bacon slices. Indeed, the most delicious food on this planet will be devilishly the most fattening and these 2 ingredients sitting on my fridge appealed to me with an idea. Since we were booked for a playdate later in the day, I comforted myself that my sinfully buttery puff pastry will be distributed in a good way and I won't feel so guilty of making and eating so many by myself.

I have always loved the idea of incorporating shapes into cooking and baking. Cookie cutters, baking molds, serrated knives, sushi molds and anything that shapes and forms an ordinary dough, vegetable or rice into something outstanding and makes the eater think that the food maker has put in alot of effort in the preparation always appeal to me. And when there is no gadgets available, I always prefer the hand rolled up shape when all the colors of the ingredients blend in and make an impression of good taste and an artsy outlook. The swirls effect of the golden puff pastry together with the bacon and its white fatty part gives a simplicity design and the orange carrot together with black sesame seeds added accents to the pinwheel. The smell of bacon is just so good when it is cooking in the oven and the juicy fat part keeps the meat moist. Every bite was decadent! Flaky pastry, chewy bacon, crunchy carrot and sesame seeds teasing and sticking to the lips, it is lip smacking good!

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