Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Bento Days (3)

Some ingredients are just naturally beautiful. I used lotus Root ('renkon') for today's Bento and they don't need to be prepped anymore to look enticing. The holes that covers the surface of each slice makes me think on how nature takes its course to create something like that when all the donuts designers in the world can think of only 1 hole in a donut! Nature sure works wonders!

On itself, the lotus root has not much taste except for the fact that it is crunchy and fibrous when bit into. I normally use it in soup, simmered with pork meat and dried cuttlefish as the Chinese emphasizes on the consumption of soup for better circulation of the digestive system and the lotus root itself is said to provide Vitamins and enhances one's stamina.

I used minced pork as filling in between 2 slices of this root, similar to sandwiches. Pan fried and steamed to softer texture, the filling will be kept moist till lunch time. As the kimchi has not been a Bento condiment for long, I spooned in some to kick up the palate a little with the subtle taste of the cooked root and meat.

I like Kylie Kwong's way of presentation and adopted her way of cutting the scallions. A scatter here and there makes the dish looks so homemade and yet appetizing enough to the eyes. Infact of all the studio kitchens in the cooking shows, I like her kitchen the best, especially her big wooden chopping board. Indeed, I am lacking space and in serious need to reorganize things again if I can be that fascinated by a humongous chopping board!!

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