Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Bento Days (2)

Today's Bento was a rush effort. Once in a while my body seems to shut down and last night was the time when I hit the bed at 9pm! Another minute awake will definitely have killed me. And sleep I did... all the way to almost 7.30am. Couldn't get too creative and I threw in a hard boiled egg with shell intact. Is my Bento making days coming to an end?

Luncheon meat or SPAM as it is known here is always delicious. The only thing that really dread me is the opening of its can! The little miserable key that attached to the can never works in my favor and to open it requires dainty twists of the wrist and utmost patience. Perhaps I was guilty for making Curry wait till today to have his Bento when I pledged to make it every Monday and I persevered until I heard the last click when the key met its end around the rectangular can. What a relief!

I made SPAM Musubi and half way into it, I thought to myself.... why do I always have to make things so hard???? Of all the shapes I chose triangle, and I had to shape and cut the SPAM into triangle too. Wrapping the seaweed strips around it was not an easy task. If I had been a copycat, a perfectly rectangle piece of meat would have been easily wrapped around a rectangle block of rice. And that was why I had to send off the egg freshly out from the pot and straight into the container. At the same time, I was still thinking on how spoiled Curry was from last week's Bento complaint that I don't separate his fruits from his main dish, hence making him digging out all of it before being able to heat the rest. This egg will teach him a lesson, so I thought. Peel it himself and I was making a bet on whether he comes home with the egg shell left inside the same compartment for me to clean up or make me love him an extra day for disposing it at his office. Perhaps he was smarter than I thought or he sensed my nagging coming his way if I see the egg shells in there. The container was already in the dishwasher when I came down! Well done.

It was a long day today with too much going on and too little time. And now I believe everything happens for a reason, my 10 hours rest and sleep last night has been properly proportioned out to fuel my energy tank today. Another day gone and I do wish that another 10 hours of continuous rest and sleep night will come my way, only if without the next long day that comes with it.

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