Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Bento Days (1)

April Fool's Bento Box! Thought of filling all the compartments with candy and chocolates and let Curry's teeth rot... but yet....I finished all the candies from Easter day!

Although I can make Makisushi, I am never able to roll it properly. The piping hot rice simply lets out its steam too quickly and my seaweed wrapper never seems to stick. And the cutting part is not any better when the rice and filling protrudes sideways too instead of top and bottom.I was thinking maybe I was in a rush this morning and couldn't put a good grip on anything.

Coincidentally, I got a discount coupon at my bookstore and I went and got a sushi book. Knowing that all the cookbooks in the world can only give me ideas but only hands on experiences makes a perfect sushi, I mindlessly forked out more than $20.00. Sometimes I think my determination can really make me a fool! So a Fool I shall be today... as long as my sushi skill will be improved, I will have no regrets.

For the 1st time I used the Inarisushi concept with the deep fried bean curd ('aburage') which was canned and packed with soya sauce. Taking it out of the can was difficult, like digging the flesh in a conch! But stuffing them with beef and pan frying them was easy enough. I was too adventurous and if I knew my sushi was not forming well, I would have just stuff the rice into the aburagee itself and call it a day. I was skeptical on what was the taste as the Bento really didn't look appetizing to me but Curry will be my lab rat.

The afternoon phonecall home reported good taste and satisfied palate. And as he had to spoil it all, "The Lunch was very good, but next time can you separate the fruits? I don't like taking them out when I need to microwave the rest of the lunch"! Huh??????? What???????? After all my digging of the aburage from the can early in the morning at 6.30am and patiently finished arranging the Bento, he can't even pick out 3 strawberries and 12 blueberries???? See..... men are spoiled and cannot be spoiled.

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crazymommy said...

MUAHAHA... Maybe you should just separate the fruits using those silicon cupcake mould! Then, he will not complain!