Monday, March 31, 2008

What a Month!

Phew! What a month it was this March. Finally we are into better weather despite the once a week snow teasing which makes me just dread the white flakes from the sky.
I guess blogging has surreptitiously taken part of life now. Looking back, I had done a triathlon and my mind is telling me to hit the brakes before I eat, sleep and talk Blog! As with all my other interests, I never let one takes precedence over the other so as not to lose interest and abandon one in favor of another. My language books have been left in the same corner of my study table since mid February.... yup the same time I started this BLOG! Very addictive!!!

There are alot of activities going on for the Spring months and hopefully I will get them done! For Missy E, it means kite days, tricycle outside and swings and slides all afternoon. For Prince D, as long as he is part of all the fun, he won't complain. To me, spring is always a wake up call to go back on the threadmill and daily 45 mins walk to pump up the heart and brain cells! Curry is doing a good job in maintaining his 32 inches waist and I will not lose out in looking good too!

Can't wait to see all the daffodils and trees blossoming. And the fruits fields.. cherry, strawberry,blueberry and peach. Ah... thinking of them already make my mood better, not mentioning the many ideas that I have swimming in my head of what to make of them in my cooking and baking! Spring is just awesome and bye bye winter....really I mean it BYE BYE winter!


crazymommy said...

NOT so soon yet! Winter is still lingering! MORE snow coming our way on Friday! Pui!

Lily Anette said...

eh... you dampening my spirit...not rain anymore?

Lily Anette said...

Ya.... you really April Fooled me this time!!!