Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunny Days and Mummy Naps.

Spring weather was beaming everywhere today. From my morning cup of coffee to the last drop of my afternoon tea, the day couldn't be much more perfect. My mood sprang to life with excitement and anticipation of a day out, making sure that we reap every ray of the sun before the bitter cold and white yucky snow decide to come back!!

Moderation is the best and that goes for good things too. Perhaps I overloaded myself with too much natural Vitamin D, my eyes were droopy come mid-day. Missy E and Prince D, donned in their winter boots and mittens were having fun scooping and building ice castle, which was not very picture ideal and befitting with the sun out. Still, they can get all messy with dirt as long as my hours go by fast and the shower is working.

In times like this, I am thankful I have 2 kids. Seeing them enjoying each other's company while I can sneak away to do something else is absolutely needed. Amidst the wrestling on the floor and the free massage they gave me by stepping and piling all over me, I managed a power nap in their room! It is really an unexplainable phenomenon on how I managed to tick off my mind and body clock for that 20 minutes. I was blissful then, floating in a short dream of which I cannot really recall until I feel twitching. Ya.... it was my wake up call, Prince D was picking my nose! I must have been smelling the roses and pricked by the thorn in my dream!

It has been sometime since I last had a nap. Similar to all stay home mums, my body clock is pretty messed up. Every minute counts and yet I can never recall what I did the past hour or yesterday. Life is always on a fast pace and the kids are always green lights with no navigation and direction. A shower is already a luxury and a good night sleep or nap is a God sent gift.

And to be able to nap, regardless how short on this sunny day just makes my day.

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

makes me smile--so sweet & beautiful :)