Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One Woman Standing

Hillary Clinton's undying enthusiasm and determination in her presidential bid is a boost to every woman's ego. After a downward spiral of losses in some states for the past 3 weeks, I was already thinking that she is fighting a losing battle to the Obamanites and their rhetorical campaigns. Chelsea's constant appearances with her mum at campaign stages and debates venues instead of the Ex-President Bill Clinton must have been the best strategy in Hillary's comeback in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island last night.

My opinion is that Bill Clinton has done more harm than give much assistance in the whole campaigning process. To a lay person like myself, his bickering against Obama went a little bit over the top and it looked more like he himself is the candidate. He is a media magnet and as long as he is in the spotlight, Hillary will only be a shadow and the public cannot see her as an individual running in her own shoes with her own mind and substance. Chelsea, on the other hand campaigned with her own subtle style, approaching voters in her age group and projected Hillary's other side of family warm, which was very important in the nasty world of politics.

Women voters in this election really hold the key to whether Hillary or Obama will win the Democratic party nomination. Despite being known as the ever flickered minded gender, they can be the determining force too when important decisions need to be made, as seen in the demographic of voters in the last 3 states. Hillary's change of her old belligerent tone to a more focused and composed self on the debate stage with Obama these days may have helped to propel her image to the public of a serious leader who rather talk and work it out than whine on stage when confronted with a behemoth of words and good looks.

The pendulum of need to change strategy has swung to Obama now. Nothing is definite in this race, one day one candidate can bring the house down with the ruckus and cheering of its supporters, the next day, the rival ones get to win the debate. It is all a spectator's sport and with 7 more months to go before a new President takes the oath, it will certainly be a good watch!


crazymommy said...

So, who do u support? I'm Hillary's supporter and Nikita is Obama's! Can u believe the little one actually knows who they are?!!

Lily Anette said...

I like both but Hillary looks more promising as a leader, at least she already knows how people work in the White House... Obama only senator level. Mrs. Clinton has seen the worst.... Ms. Lewinsky and still bounced back. Tough lady.