Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Look on the Blog

After a warm and wet week, the buds are starting to pop out from the ground and tree branches while the squirrels and chipmunks are scurrying around the backyard. Despite the winter cold still persist, the sun gives out warmer air at mid-day and the pitter and patter of the spring shower rain is better than the quiet but dreadful snow. Car wash is free on rainy days and the yard is visible with all the residue of snow and ice melted away. Brighter days are ahead!!!

Stashing away the winter apparels is a happy thing that I do since I will look 20lbs lighter and no more straddling around like a penguin and having to adjust my car seat to accomodate my extra bulk. However, without my puffy jacket, I am set to face the truth.... do I look and weigh more since the binging started from Thanksgiving Day to X'mas Day and New Year parties and also the Chinese New Year plus the 1st family cake of the year from Curry's birthday last month of which I ate continuously for 7 days with cream attached? No more blaming on the jacket if I did!

I chose a new template for the blog today to celebrate the coming of spring and I hope the writing will improve and the reading will inspire and inform whoever reads it.

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