Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moody days and mommies blues

A Lie. It is all a lie! The snow is back today. Mother nature loves playing jokes with the real mommies on earth!!

It is indeed gloomy and wet outside while I am moody and dry with ideas inside on what to do with Missy E and Prince D. Sometimes, I am all energetic, ready to cut and craft with Missy E and sing along with Prince D. I even roll around with them and get stuck in their crawling tunnel once in a while. But today is the day that I am not in the 'mood'. Has my "Hostile Monday" finally met its match called "Moody Wednesday"? Or have I exerted too much energy on a sunny Spring day yesterday and nothing left for today?

At times like this, I wonder what other mommies like myself normally do when they are stuck at home with their own offsprings! Do they whine like me too or there are just super ones out there that have ideas to supply and utilise everything in a craft store and always a candidate for all bake sales and volunteer work at their PTAs? I personally don't like craft work except for knitting and using my fingers to cut and paste cliparts from the internet for my digital scrapbooking. Really admire those mommies that can visualize anything and make something out of the toilet paper roll to egg box.... I will only think of them as a secondary support of something more important like the toilet paper and eggs! Once the primary source is used up, to the recycling bin they go.

Sometimes I wish I can just sit on the sofa all day long and watch TV. Let the brain remain blank and no rush feeling to cook, clean or entertain the kids. Eating a whole box of Godiva chocolates with a big pot of tea to go with them.... how wonderful and yet wishful! This Cabin Fever thing is really sending degrees of laziness and boredom to my head and until the Spring Breeze and Sunny Skies come back, there will be no cure. Scissors need to criss-cross and papers need to be cut, Missy E needs to be given input of colors and ideas and Prince D must have his ways to make a Moody Wednesday ends its hours faster.

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crazymommy said...

I hear you!!!
This mommy here even had to clear the snow this morning before sending the girl to school.

I WHINE and WHINE and nag and nag... now that u mentioned chocolate, i thk i go grab my lindt liao. bye!