Sunday, March 9, 2008

Matcha Cinnamon Rolls

Maybe it is my yearning for spring season or too much St. Patrick's atmosphere around where I live, I found myself liking green these days. Even the weed grass that is starting to grow in my small front yard can perk up my mood. The winter must have really blanketed my brain and sight with too much snow as any color I see now including blue skies, evergreen trees, indoor lucky bamboo and ivy are so dazzling in my eyes.

Today was pretty good except for the strong wind. At least no rain and no snow makes an OK day. Tax day was looming near and Curry opted to do his return while the kids do whatever they do everyday, that is make a mess and let mummy pick up later. Having them all to myself during the weekdays has trained me to bear with my stamina and with another one called Curry on the weekends, I am crawling a marathon.

My Matcha supply was plenty and before I turn into something similar to the Green Hulk for drinking too much green anti-oxidant, baking with it was handy. I haven't eaten a cinnamon roll for a long time and while I am still reeling from the success of the Matcha Eclair last week, my oven was put to the test once again.

I located a recipe in the Boston Globe which was pretty simple. No yeast means no waiting; no eggs means no fat; no soaking syrup means no extra fat!! In line with the green theme, I was generously adding 3 tsp of matcha into the flour and the whole dough was a blob of spinach green. Not much kneading was needed and the texture came out fine, not crumbly but crusty on the outside and the right chewiness inside, quite similar to Italian loaf bread. Again I am thankful to whoever invented this method, saving the prospect of me all drenched in flour from having to do multiple kneads and avoiding further mess of my kitchen corner.

As the dough itself and the filling was loaded with sugar, I skipped the sugar icing on the top. There is nothing delicate about these rolls and I just love its rough appearance without all the daintiness of a decorated cake. Tearing it up into parts and dunking some into my coffee makes this windy day a breeze.


crazymommy said...

Drool... drool... drool...

You know what i also started to love cooking again! Yesterday we made chinese pancake and angmoh pizza. Today we had Singapore-styled chilli crabs!!!! yummy!! But no pictures la... too busy eating and still no mood to blog! muahaa...

Lily Anette said...

work harder!!!