Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Bento Days (3)

Today's Bento is a very simple one. Nothing fancy and only took me 15 minutes to prep, cook and arrange. As we had too much to eat on Easter day and the leftover Bunny chocolates are still on the countertop waiting to be nibbled on regardless of the hour of the day, I am cooking light.

Japanese have so many gadgets that I sometimes wonder what else can they not make nor do anymore. How did they get so creative? Is it because of the overload of raw fish and wasabi or the Kobe beef that channel all sorts of idea to their brains? From Robot dogs to computerised rice cooker, automatic doors on taxis to backside washing toilets, life in Japan must be very technophilic! Leaving the technology aside, I can find things like the onigiri rice ball shaper to be equally fascinating. With 3 compartments which open to 2 parts and indented openings on the top part to allow the fingers to push out the formed rice balls instead of digging is really a brilliant idea and making the rice balls coated with black sesame seeds was so easy and I won't mind having an onigiri party.

Recently, the Kyaraben method which incorporates the making of character sushi and lunchbox contents is the latest trend in Bento making. The characters is from a wide range of children's favorite from Hello Kitty to Elmo with numerous colors and features of the faces clearly present and can be more fanciful than any kids pencil boxes! Special gadgets which are more fanciful than my plain Onigiri maker are thus invented such as the special molds and shape punch which makes the face features. I see myself splurging on these things in future when Missy E and Prince D start their full day school schedule. Infact, their Bento boxes are sitting in the basement cupboard, waiting to be filled with mommy's homemade and healthy goodies. I just hope that they don't demand a 3-D Princess or Dinosaur rice ball for their lunchboxes or else I will never enjoy making another Bento in my life again!

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