Monday, March 3, 2008

March Bento Days (1)

Mondays are always a drag. The brain hasn't much to offer and the mood isn't much brighter. Seldom have I heard of anyone who says "I love Mondays" except when it is a continuation of the weekend due to a public holiday or from someone who really swear that their job is their life and rather see their bosses than to spend another day trapped with their spouses or kids in the name of 'Family Day'.

At my heydays when I had an office and a secretary, my colleagues and clients seldom rang my phone number on Mondays for fear of hearing "WHAT! What do you want!" instead of Hello. No one was spared except for peers. Despite having retired for almost 7 years now, I am teased and reminded of my Hostile Mondays by my ex-colleagues everytime I have a reunion. Nothing much has changed these days except that I don't have the privilege to ask the same line anymore but to say "OK! OK! I will do it!" to every whining and commands of Missy E and Prince D. I dread the mornings most when I know Curry happily leave for work to engage with adult interaction again while I have to start the whole week again all alone with house chores and back to Sesame Street with the kids. While they are counting their 123 with Elmo, I count my minutes and hours towards weekend again! Call it paranoia, once Monday is over, I find the remaining days more bearable.

To be fair, Mondays can be useful also. When I couldn't do or finish anything I set out to do the last week, I will use Monday to start again. At least that gives me a hope. If I ate too much desserts during this week, I will set Monday as my start of dieting which usually fails and postpones to the term 'Next Month' when comes Monday. Still, I know I tried.

I thought maybe Bentos can cure me of my Monday blues and set out to make one for Curry today and the remaining Mondays in my life. At least if I wake up to do something I enjoy, I would have done 1 good thing with 1 hour gone and the counting down to Tuesday gets easier.

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