Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Read

The last book I read was Memoirs of a Geisha, which was 4 years ago. Although I gave up on the paperbacks and novels and not very interested in audio books due to the fact that my ears are already full with Missy E's daily "Whys?" and Prince D's whining and screaming, I do pick up all sorts of magazines to maintain my literacy level. From current affairs to home designs, cooking to Oprah, parenting to lifestyles, English or Japanese, I am a sucker for any publications that have the most appealing front cover and the contents are to be considered and evaluated later. Luckily the local library is stocked with sufficient and various publications and the buying at the Border's magazine rack is limited to 2 copies per month and unlimited for on site browsing at those big comfy chairs that they have.

I recently found a new Magazine, aptly named 'Good'. The articles are easy to read, concise and yet enough to get me thinking about issues. Overall, it discusses issues that we ought to think about from recycle to green house gas, cool gadgets to organic products and with comical and artsy illustrations and good photography, the pages are never boring. The publisher noted that the yearly subscription $20 will be wholly donated to a non-profit organization of the subscriber's choice from the list stipulated in the magazine. If this not a gimmick, then this is really good. If it is a gimmick, it is still worth my money as it works up my brain thinking and make me want to do more good to Mother Earth.
My best purchase at $4.95 this month.

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