Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter's Grace

Happy Easter to everyone. I am not a devout Christian but Easter Sunday does bring the meaning of hope and grace to my mind. In theological sense, the resurrection of Jesus gave hope to his followers and bestowed on their beliefs of the grace of God. In commercial sense, the numerous marketing of toys epitomizing new birth of chicks, lamb and bunny rabbit together with the overflowing of candy bags meant an early X'mas and Halloween celebrations combined and an excuse to gather and binge!

Although exhausting, I am always happy to attend a potluck with family and friends. The cooking always starts early and the morning cup of coffee is so good in giving a burst of energy to the senses. Extra attention is required when the eyes sensory are not fully charged and cooking while still in the overnight pajamas and messy hair is a funny sight but all these meant the chef is serious!

I am lucky to have known a few friends to celebrate this Easter. Although I am far from my own family whom I really wish to cook for, being around friends also brings out the warmth and joy of sharing traditions and stories. Although Missy E and Prince D have no nearby cousins to hunt their Easter eggs and share their chocolate bunnies with, seeing them enjoying themselves among our friends and their kids makes me think this world is full of goodness and kindness and I am thankful. To all my family and cousins back in Malaysia and my friends everywhere else, I am thinking of you all and hopefully you all will be able to join my potluck dinners one day.

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