Friday, March 21, 2008

Diary of a Domestic Goddess

We are having a guest stay over this weekend. My Aunt M is coming to visit and after being deprived of all the warm of family gatherings that my other cousins, grandma and aunties freely enjoy back in Malaysia, I am looking forward to this all week long.

When I was young, I longed for the day when my aunts will stop asking me about my boyfriends and school and let me have all the food on the potluck table in peace. But nowadays, their voices on the phone are always comforting, even though their busy body selves still pestering me with probabilities of Baby No.3!!! Easier said than done, I just hand over the phone to Missy E and let her chat away till the Aunties are tired. Any photos from home however blur nor small makes me envy with longing and hope to go back more often.

Back to Aunt M. The house is not immaculately clean but I will never let a guest down. Only now I realised how much the kids have taken over the entire house. There were at least 20 toys under the sofa, soft toys on every corner of the sofa upstairs and downstairs, books on every shelves and floor and the mess goes on forever! Some people can survive with just a vacumn cleaner but me, I have a broom & dust pan, vacumn cleaner and mop! My arms haven't been so overworked for a long time and I had to reach for the anti perspirant! Now I know why I have been piling up on the pineapple and matcha cheese nibbles for..... to labor over these! But I ought to... afterall, today is Good Friday, a day of reflection of sins and suffering to repent.... my sin is gluttony and I shall pay!!

Don't forget the bathroom.... my most dreaded chore of the week. But it is also a good way to check out if my hair has been dropping alot and I am happy that the bathtub drain is not clogged with too much! For the gross part, I shall save the details from this blog!

Being a domestic goddess and a good host is not easy but the results of a clean area with dust sucked up and toys hidden in the closet makes the peace flows in this house. Of course it will be better if Missy E and Prince D can be quiet too. Too bad, at this very moment, they are already rolling and patting the Play-Doh. All in a day's work.

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