Monday, March 17, 2008

Cheese Nibbles

Finger foods are very appetizing to me. Literally, they are foods small enough to pick up with the fingers and pop it in the mouth and gone within seconds. This category of food enjoys a certain spotlight as they are always prepared with utmost attention to presentation with the minimum number of ingredients combination. As morsel sizes are the norm, the time consumed preparing them can be lengthy which requires extreme patience. Perhaps it is their mini sizes that trick my mind into thinking I am only chewing small bites and being a dainty eater but a binge will always come in the same course!

I was so delighted that pineapple in can also came in the crushed form besides the usual ring cut. Cutting and cleaning a fresh one is not an option as I can never cut uniformly and I waste more flesh than the eye spots and after a few attempts, the whole pineapple always ended up 2/3 smaller than its original form and I resolved to the can opener which does a better job than me cutting diagonally.

The pastry of these nibbles are made of cream cheese and butter. I never use margarine nor shortening in baking as I think butter produces better results and makes the end product melts in your mouth and baking is laborious enough and should be rewarded with rich taste and good aroma. The cream cheese simply adds more texture to the whole. I divided the dough to 2 kinds, the original form and the other mixed with matcha. The original one was filled with pineapple, earlier cooked in sugar to a softer texture. And the Matcha dough was filled with a mixture of crushed walnut and brown sugar. The outcome was a shorter and richer pastry, which envelopes the fillings nicely and to pop one in the mouth gives the palate a good and happy taste. The pineapple filling was chewy with its slight sweet smell lingering while the walnut and brown sugar gave a bit of crunchiness to the subtle bitter taste of the Matcha pastry. Gulp them down with a glass of cold milk and you will have your daily calcium intake of the day! The calories are always an afterthought and so be it.


crazymommy said...

Looks so yummy!!! Please post the recipe up if you have the time la! ;)

Lily Anette said...

Will do! Similar to pineapple tarts, just have to cut the dough triangle and roll away.