Sunday, March 16, 2008


As expected, the sneaky snow returned this morning. Although nothing dramatic and barely hitting the 2 inch mark, it was enough to dampen any plans for outdoors and to remind me that I cannot put away the scraper and shovel just yet.

I was a bit surprised to see plum blossoms branches, not outside but inside my grocery store. At a price that I will never fork out for daffodils nor roses, I paid $8.99 for 7 branches of budding blossoms with one bloom as proof that it is not fake! And of course I made sure I get what I paid for with the most green buds and nicest stems and solid branches while I examined and chose from the bucket for at least 10 minutes. Strangely, no one is getting any and my holding of my branches bouquet may have made other shoppers think I am nuts to give up the petals for the branches! Perhaps no one appreciates it but I adore both plum and cherry blossoms, which are absolutely beautiful when their buds all blossom in abundance on 1 stalk and the pinkish or white colors of the flowers gives a calm feeling to the eyes, while emerging buds gives hope and expectation of more beautiful things to come.

The Cherry blossoms ("Sakura") must be emerging everywhere now in Japan. Its peak season runs from the end of March till mid April and strolling in the Botanical Gardens or parks while enjoying a picnic with red bean mochi and a flask of hot o-cha makes life on earth worthwhile. The beauty of nature displayed by these trees is overwhelming and to feel the flowers billowing down onto my face when the spring breeze blows, gives me a sense of pleasant and romantic feeling to be in such a perfect atmosphere.

Well, these days the chances of seeing a peach or plum blossom tree is as slim as seeing my store bought branches bears the fruit of these trees and until Prince D can sit and watch 6 to 8 hours of DVDs on the car trip to Washington DC, I will just have to settle with my vase and store bought plum blossom branches.

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crazymommy said...

I saw those pussy willows and plum blossoms in MB too!! Was so excited because I could finally show NIkita what I meant by "CNY flowers" Too bad, CNY over already, if not I would get it. Hahaaa... cheapo me la! :P