Thursday, March 27, 2008

21st Century Leisure Ladies

I have very high admiration for ladies who work outside of the house and have kids to look out for. Frankly speaking, I have no idea on how to juggle dual responsibilities at 2 or more different places simultaneously and after a hard day in the dog eat dog world outside, coming back to screaming kids and having to go through what they did during the whole day will surely reduce my lifespan.

But sometimes I find it unfair to refer us, the stay home moms as the Leisure Ladies. Perhaps it is appropriate for pampered wives with grown up kids and who volunteered themselves in every charity organization in the name of "Occupation". For moms like me who have to run the management of the house from 7am to 12am and on weekends too, I simply cannot relate myself to having a Leisure time. Maybe sneaking in for short naps while the kids are having theirs is considered leisure hours but still, knowing that they will be more active and hyper after their naps just makes my brain more restless. And yet, Missy E never naps and Prince D thinks he will lose out on all the fun if he naps for too long!

I long to sit quietly in the library to read a book or shop every household goods store to search for the best bed linens to match my teak wood bed, getting into the latest kitchen gadgets and of course taking a coffee break with an oversized muffin at Starbucks. In my book, those are considered non-existence but just imaginery. Now, how leisurely can that be?

I am not complaining about my life as I believe that we all exist for a reason and that is what I am going to do. But some conflicting minds do overload themselves with thinkings that we are all yawning away and manicuring our nails all day long. Perhaps our succesful husbands are objects of envies and we the wives are the 'punching bag' for some envious souls. Or is it ourselves who projected the idea that we can freely spend our spouses' money by roaming in shopping places when the fact is that we fear another day cooped at home again with the kids and we are window shopping only, or maybe we never complain enough to others besides our own spouses of our exhausting lives?

I strongly believe I am no Lady of Leisure but Multi-Purpose Mom is a title that I prefer. And to all my mommy girlfriends, I salute you!

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