Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tomorrow will do.

Probably it is the long winding winter with its once in a blue moon teasing sunshine and warm temperature of 45'F, my attention and patience in doing anything these days is short lived. Didn't finish reading every articles in the February issue of Harper magazine, bought a new jersey pattern book for my kids' sweater knitting and haven't even started on the gauge counting yet! Wanted to resume the homeschooling sessions with Missy E and start potty training Prince D this month but so far no progress. Despite having an extra day this Leap Year, my February has gone "wasted"!

Thanks to my dear friend, Crazymommy, the passionate blogger and around the clock mum to 2 kids like myself, I have been introduced to the importance of homeschooling my kids. I had the idea before but there was no drive and determination to do it then. But in this era, peer pressure and competition is a part of life. And being a kid now is more stressful than being one in my days. Sometimes I think maybe we the parents have too much information about everything or trying to live our lost years through our children by making them into persons of whom we didn't become ourselves.

Regardless, every parents do want a better life for their kids and being pushy is part of the parenting skills these days. The only difference is the degree of pushiness. I believe all kids are able to learn and we shall be the beacon to lead them to imaginations, interests, hobbies and dreams. I consider myself a Guide and not a Pusher and hopefully my kids agree with me too!

So, maybe I should just leave February to end without any more push! Come March, there will always be a better tomorrow and another try for everything.

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