Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday is just another day.

Sundays may be a sleep in day for some people but not me. With Prince D awake at 5.30am and screaming to be let out from the upstairs toddler gate to crawl downstairs to play is hardly any quiet rest day in this household. He must have realised that he missed out on his piece of cake last night and will make us pay at this early wee hours!!

Waking up with a half functioning brain is a norm. My body limbs do not co-ordinate with each other and my nerves are more difficult to charge than any old batteries. At times, the kettle filled with water sits on the stove and I forget to turn on the knob. Sometimes, I forget to take breakfast while buzzing around prepping the kids their most important meal of the day. And on Sundays, these symptoms of "brain malfunction" is more apparent than ever since Curry will be around to pick up whatever is left undone by me.

The sun was glorious today, with its ray shining through every windows of the house. It is soothing to hear the icicles on the roof sills melting away like dropping rain drops and the snow outside disappearing patch by patch. I just had to take someone for a walk outside to absorb all the goodness the sun offers and my only choice was Prince D as Missy E was feeling a bit under the weather. The fresh air was so good and I really needed the walk to kill some calories from last night's slice of cake. Maybe it was only a few calories burnt, but still.... i tried! And as for Prince D, His Highness was bundled up in his royal stroller, kept mum and hardly lift a finger or foot.

The fashionistas of Hollywood have been waiting for today... the Oscars will air as usual and after a no show of the Golden Globes due to the writers strike last month, it must be a spectacle worthy of watching this year. While they strut and pose on the red carpet, I will wrap myself up in my comfy PJs and fluffy slippers and enjoy the show .... ... and maybe have another piece of that birthday cake. Well....... someone has to eat and finish it up soon!

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