Monday, February 25, 2008

Nihon o suki desu!

My short but memorable 2 months stay in Japan 7 years ago has opened up my interest in everything Japanese since then. I love their kitchen and dinnerware potteries which incorporates simple artisan works with minimal strokes and yet eye catching at the same time. Their landmark temples are filled with sacred and peaceful atmosphere and I prefer the calmness compared to the smokey incense burning away in the Chinese Buddhist temples. The food choices are simply tantalizing to the eyes and appetising to the palate. But I think it is the cleanliness together with the art of conformity to organization from its bento boxes to displays of things which really captivates the essence of simplicity merged with elegance. I love antiquities of every sort but the modern lifestyle of the Japanese young and daring is also a part that I like. The way they play with their fashion from hairstyle to shoes and their obsession of LV, Coach and branded goods makes me think I am not that vain afterall.

I do buy Japanese Cooking magazines here whenever I see one. Not that I can discern every word but I do have a knack on learning languages and Japanese is easier to learn compared to Chinese. So, I proudly say that I can read a little bit of the contents and with all the brilliant food photography, who needs to read!

I attempted a Bento box for Curry today. I hope it brings a smile to his face at lunchtime. With a regular alarm clock every morning called Prince D, waking up to make beautiful bento boxes is not that dreadful anyway, as long as there is plenty of leftovers in the fridge to perk up and pack!

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crazymommy said...

The bento looks really yummy!! I'm sure Curry's lunch kakis are going to envy him! :)