Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Favorite Things (Part 1)

I always love photography and would gasp at the sight of any beautiful coffee table book. The subject of the photos may range from nature, people to art. Amazing photos, be it black & white or color can provoke senses of the mind and I am always amazed at how professionals can capture the essence of the subject matter. Emotions of sadness, happiness, anxiousness, silliness and any kind which is beyond the description of words projected in the photos dazzle my mind and my thoughts.
Curry has owned his Canon Power Shot Pro 1 camera for almost 4 years now and I never managed to study its functions thoroughly. We have been snapping photos with it well over 500 in total (of who else.. the 2 kids.... so it is always "Faster, Quick, they are crawling and running away. Come on, just snap it now!!").
So never have we ventured further than the usual aim, shoot & click sequence!!

To progress from the normal photo shots is my aim now and will add to the old sequence in this order: Style, Focus, Aim, Shoot & Click!

I have many things and possessions and yet I tend to lose track on what I have. And nowadays, the kids seem to have stretched and longer arms & hands to reach for my personal things. So, before all my beloved things get jumbled up in their toy box or possibly dump into the toilet bowl by my son, Prince D, it will be a good idea to click the camera & capture these favorite things of mine!
1st attempt: my dim sum Siu mai (Pork & Shrimp Dumpling) fridge magnet! Looks scrumptious enough to pop into my mouth!

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