Saturday, March 1, 2008

Movies, popcorn and On Demand

The Oscar is my source of what to watch at the movies. Daniel Day Lewis never fail my standards of a fine actor with his Irish accent complemented with his dark hair and intense eyes. Although Tilda Swinton was dubbed wearing something like a potato sack for her Best Supporting Actress acceptance, I am sure her acting is not as bland as a potato. And who else but Johnny Depp with his scruffy and I don't care look.... he had me spooked ever since his Edward Scissorhands days.

Huh... all the titles of the best films.... 'There shall be Blood' ; 'Michael Clayton'; 'Juno'; 'Gone Baby Gone' ; 'La Vie En Rose' ; 'Sweeney Todd'...... so imaginative and enticing to a person like me who likes films with twisted scripts and cliche lines.

Gone are the days when I can mindlessly fork out $7 for a popcorn and soda in addition to the movie ticket. With no trust on anyone else to babysit my kids besides visiting grandparents, Curry and I have only managed to watch his film "The X-men" and my film "Elizabeth" last year. The rush to get the kids to bed before leaving for the show has already robbed us of the free sneak previews of upcoming films before the movie itself! And before the doors open at the end of the show, we are already scrambling for our things running down the dark stairs alley to our car. That is life when my priority in life is not Daniel Day Lewis anymore but my Drama Queen and Action King.... starring Missy E and Prince D.

Maybe I am not alone or else my cable TV provider would not have that easy click and choose On Demand feature for movies, be it old or new. Come Friday and Saturday, the most sought after electronics at my house will be the DVD player and TV (plus the Remote control)and also the microwave oven. While the popcorn is popping in their paper bag, Curry and I do still scramble around either cleaning up the sink filled with pots and pans or on my knees scrubbing away whatever Prince D decide to smudge the floor with or simply singing lullabies to the kids hoping they go to bed early and leave us alone!! And when all goes well as planned, we watch the movie with subtitles, sacrificing the volume in case the kids hear us. Talk about etiquette at the movies, we deserve the Nobel Prize and not Oscar.

A good movie never bores and a night in with my small 27 inches TV with first class sofa seat and a glass of Margharita is not that bad afterall.


crazymommy said...

Movie on-demand + 1st class seat + margarita sound real good to me... I wish I could have life like yours! My little one simply can't leave me alone for more than 1hr! x_x

Lily Anette said...
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Lily Anette said...

Let them cry!! Who cares... it is your house!