Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me & Myself

Life is busy... as with all other moms, my 2 young kids keep my days occupied. With their laughter, I find happiness and with their wailing, I wish I was somewhere else.

I was starting to springclean the house. Little did I realise that how much I have abandoned my interests in baking, cooking, reading and other aspects of my own life for the sake of upkeeping the best for my family. All the pots, baking supplies, books to read from years ago and things that I always wanted to pursue were left untouched in the same place collecting dust for the last 4 years!

As with all spring season, new life blooms and new hopes flow in my mind. Well into their toddlerhood now with their own thinking and perhaps their own search of private space, my kids can laugh and wail to their hearts content and I shall jump the boat and dive into developing my own space and time again!

Wishing myself luck!

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Ling said...

I hope Curry appreciates all you've done for him!