Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Brilliant view of the eclipse last night and thank goodness the view from our doorstep was clear. It was still bitterly cold with the biting breeze scraping through my skin and I was already in my PJs.

Curry (hubby!) prep his binoculars early and our girl, Missy E was so fascinated to use a real one instead of her Diego toy binoculars! She barely had strength to lift it (7lbs at least!) and the gap between her eyes were not as wide as the binoculars lenses gap itself and so she was looking into the dark & empty lenses and she said " Where? where? I don't see anything!"

It was also the end of the Chinese New Year celebration, the 15th day. Hopefully the remaining days of the Rat year will bring good and happiness to all.

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