Saturday, February 23, 2008

Curry's Birthday

Today is Curry's birthday... saving the age number from the world... I believe men also prefer to hide their age. Happy Birthday...

Due to the big snowfall yesterday, the cabin fever struck! Too lazy to dress up and go anywhere. White is everywhere outside but our moods are kind of gray! The Chinese birthday Red eggs surely perk up a little blood rush inside of me and my brain is kind of stuck on what to prepare for the birthday dinner! Maybe we should just eat the cake all day long and be merry!

Chinese Red Eggs is a must for every birthday celebrated in my house. Although they are only given out to relatives & friends when there is a new baby arrival in the Chinese family, I prepare them every year for birthdays. To me, they represent a new start for the birthday person, full of eagerness in their reddish hue and ready to roll into another new year ahead. This is truly a tradition that I insist and wish that my kids will observe into their adult lives.

Curry's birthday cake is very nice. At first sight, it is undeniably a very "Man Cake" without all the frills and colors that coat any confetti cakes. Can't wait to dig in later.

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crazymommy said...

That's a great BD tradition!! I'm still trying to find a BD tradition for my family. DH's family tradition is eating sweet meesuan with hard boiled eggs. But both Nikita and I find the taste really weird, so we are "discontinuing" this tradition. Muahaa...