Saturday, February 23, 2008

Curry's Birthday Dinner

Curry loves spicy food, hence the nickname! Made his favorite hot & sour soup with extra 6 dried chillis together with all the goodness of tofu, shitake, black fungus & minced beef. He gulped it all down without a wink..... I was wondering then if his tastebuds were still working. I took a sip and I was scrambling for ice water to cool down my burning tongue!

I have been scrambling my mind on what to do with the 3 pieces of chicken thighs since morning and desperate moments call for desperate measures. The most simple thing: deep fry! (Frankly, I hate the idea as the cleaning up thereafter is always laborious, not mentioning the smell just permeates throughout every nook & corner of the house). As Curry always reminisces his working days in Japan with all the glorious foods they have there, I thought of deep fried panko chicken strips. Who doesn't love deep fried food (I was yearning for it too!) and with panko in hand, I told myself that I will conquer my fear of the grease. With the exhaust fan at full force and the kitchen windows swung open to the -7'C cold air, I braved myself through a sizzling moment of 20 minutes deep frying away. The result: Curry gobbled up 3/4 of the plate in under 6 minutes together with all the condiments! Well, I have no complaints... like he always said... "If your food is good, I will finish it up quickly but if your food is bad, I will eat slowly." So, that is the verdict!


MAGICstyle* said...

:D dropping a comment frm mommy.

curry you are so lucky to have a patient wife to cook you this yummy meal.


wan say. :D it looks yummy!!
i wanna try! the deep fry chicken?
HAHA. i cannot tahan pedas. =X

Lily Anette said...

Just marinate the chicken strips in S&B spice, salt & pepper. Drench in egg & then panko & deep fry.... serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice on top and mayo... walah!... the best!