Friday, February 22, 2008

Clinton or Obama?

The 2008 Presidential bid has evoked my interest to learn more about American politics. With all the constant press coverage of caucasus, primaries, delegates and lobbyists, one will surely learn something if not the whole process.

Since January, Curry has been in control of the TV remote and his "flip-flopping" switching among the news/comments channel is comparable to Mitt Romney's stand in every issue!

If we are able to vote, I think we will vote the Democrats. But who will we choose among the 2 candidates? I don't know. Hillary appears to be more articulate in her speeches and her plans are practical but Obama is no less in ideas and determination. Both have their distinctive charms and poise which undeniably contribute to their popularities. The Republicans candidates don't seem to have much difference in personality nor plans from their peers, hence I don't think they achieve the "star" status in the media as much as their Democratic counterparts.

So, be it Clinton or Obama (if the Democrats do hold the helm in November!), I only hope for a better tomorrow and the war in Iraq to close its chapter.

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crazymommy said...

If I can vote... I will vote for Hillary "as-if-she-knows-all" girl said she likes Obama. -_-