Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bento Days

Attempted another bento for Curry this morning.

I seldom cook beef at home and it is certainly not my favorite meat. The last time I ate a 1/2 pounder steak was during my pregnancy with Missy E and the doctor told me that I am nearing anemic and I need more iron! So, Curry took me to Outback Steakhouse and made me a carnivorous creature, chomping down every piece and soaking up the juices with my french fries! The second time round with Prince D, all I wanted was burger from the infamous chain of Burger King where they supersizes everything, including the tomato slices with the bun itself. Talk about big, America is dominant... even their tomatoes are called "beef steak tomatoes"!

To make this Bento, I used Eyerib beef slices and keeping with the motto of eating moderate before Curry loses his perfect waistline and curses me later that I made him fat, I stretched 1 slice and produced 4 nice beef carrot rolls. Opted for the cherry tomatoes with Korean kimchi to spice up his palate a little during this cold cold day of 35'F and under.

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